Rubik’s Riches Slot Game Review

Slots Nutter

Mar 13, 2013

Rubik’s Riches is one of the newest slots to be released into the Playtech slots portfolio. Since it is based on the popular Rubik’s Cube, it is one of the most innovative of Playtech slots, suitable not only for Rubik’s Cube fans, but also for slots players who have never tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle before.

Rubik’s Riches Features

Players will be struck with the striking resemblance of the cubes to the original Rubik’s Cube. The cubes displayed on the screen comprise bright blue, green, red, and white squares. The amount of money players can win depends on square combinations created after the software spins the cubes.

The slot offers players 3 ways to win—by creating combinations of squares of the same colour across activated lines, by creating 3 cube faces of the same colour, and by triggering the bonus game. Players can bet anywhere between $0.20 and $500.

Playing Rubik’s Riches

As previously mentioned, players only have to bet and hit the Play button. If a cube face displays 3 squares of the same colour, either vertically or horizontally, they will get a line payout.

If the entire face of one of the three cube faces displayed on the screen shows the same colour, players will get six line payouts plus one face payout. The jackpot of 5000x goes to the player whose screen shows 3 cube faces of the same colour. This translates into 3 face payouts and 18 line payouts.

Whenever players spin the reels, some of the six letters of the word “RUBIK” in the game logo will glow. The bonus game is activated if all the six letters glow. Players have to click off the stickers on some of the squares to get either extra cubes or free games. When players click on a square that reveals the word “START,” the free games begin. SA