Rome: The Golden Age Online Slot By NetEntertainment

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Feb 26, 2021


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0.005 - 2.5

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If you had to cast your mind back to the Roman Empire you’d probably immediately think of the Colosseum, beautiful stone architecture and artistry as well as an imposing military force to back everything up.

It’s these key elements that developer NetEnt has tried to capture in this title. If you have even a passing interest in ancient Roman history then this video slot is sure to pique your interest.

What if you don’t have any interest in Roman history, what exactly makes this slot worth playing? Join us as we jump in to find out exactly what makes this video slot tick.

Theme & Symbols

As you could probably tell from the title even, this game is centred around ancient Rome and everything that screams Roman heritage and culture. The iconography on display in this title is exactly what you would imagine Rome to look like back in the day.

The play grid is in the middle of the screen looking out from a balcony at the city below. On either side there is a sturdy stone pillar with the typical Roman etchings and markings. Also flanking the grid on either side are stone statues with so much detail they look like real people.

The music that plays in this game is extremely fitting, it’s loud and bombastic. It makes you feel like you’re on your way to conquer the reels of this game. Sound effects are also sharp and fitting when they need to be, on big wins they make you fully aware that something has happened, on minor things they’re quiet and subdued.

The animations on display in this title are phenomenal. Reels spin with ease and the symbols that animate on winning spins feel like they should be in constant motion.

Overall, this title looks, feels and sounds like a title you expect to see from NetEnt. The presentation is fantastic.


Low-paying symbols are represented by playing card values that have been given an old Roman makeover. Expect to see 10, J, Q, K and A appear quite often during your time with the game.

Next up are the high-paying icons. These are all represented by things you’d expect to see in ancient Rome, for example you’ll see crossed legionnaire Swords, a legionnaire Helmet, a Golden Ring, the SPQR Eagle and finally a Tiger. These are the symbols you’ll want to watch out for.

There is also a Wild symbol in this game represented by a coin with ‘WILD’ written across it. This coin can substitute any common symbol, helping you to build winning combos.

A red and gold banner that flaps in the wind is representative of the Scatter icon in this title. Landing enough of these during a single spin will activate a special gameplay feature.

There are other unique symbols to look out for while playing, there is a Golden Age symbol, a Rome icon and a Frame border that all have the chance to appear during spins. We’ll go into more detail as to what these do in a little bit.

Online Betting Options & Features

Rome: The Golden Age is a 19 tile video slot game developed by NetEnt. There are a total of 20 fixed paylines and a RTP of 96.06%.


Should a Golden Age symbol land on a tile on the reels it’s position is marked with a Frame. These Golden Age icons also have the ability to randomly turn into a Rome symbol. During the next spin, the tile that had a Rome symbol will become a Wild. Any and all adjacent tiles with Frames on them also turn into Wilds. Frames and Active Frames remain on the tiles until they either turn into a Wild or bonus spins start.

In the top left hand corner is a progress meter. Each time a Golden Age symbol lands without any Frames present 1 point is added to this progress bar. Whenever the bar reaches 200 points, the bonus spins multiplier is increased starting at x1 and ending at x1,000.

Should a Scatter land on reels 2,3 and 4 during a single spin you’ll be awarded with an initial 3 bonus spins. During these spins each tile spins individually and only Rome icons can land.


Come and experience the majesty of the ancient Roman Empire with NetEnt!