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May 17, 2021


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The tale of King Kong is one of legend, a massive gorilla living in isolation on the deadly Skull Island. It’s a story that inspires a sense of adventure in all that hear it, Red Tiger Gaming included! They have worked hard to bring a similar story to the reels in an attempt to create an adrenaline fueled and action packed video slot game that everyone can enjoy.

Loading into this game you’ll be sent on an expedition to chart the growth of this unusual primate, watch as he gets bigger and bigger, and when he does he brings bigger rewards with him!

Join us as we ensure the island is safe for visitors and researchers alike, we’ll let you know exactly what to expect when you begin your first voyage to the island.

Theme & Symbols

Primate King is a jungle themed video slot that takes a lot of inspiration from stories such as King Kong. Expect to see dense vegetation, dangerous animals, an ever growing gorilla and treasure of course.

The background of this title is phenomenal. The effort that went into creating a secluded island, untouched by modern society, is immense. There is thick jungle covering ancient carvings of the Primate King. Off in the distance you can see waterfalls and rock formations. This is the level of detail you want to see in video slots themed like this.

The grid is a mixture of old stone pillars and overgrown roots with thick vines creeping their way around. Skulls decorate the grid in a rather morbid fashion but anything else would feel out of place.

Music and animations are all brilliant, they tie the whole package together. Reels spin perfectly and symbols come to life on winning spins. The music that plays makes you feel like you’re on a life or death expedition.

Overall, Red Tiger Gaming has created something beautiful once again, this is a world you could easily get lost in.


We’ll begin with the low-paying icons. These are represented by playing card suits, so expect to see Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades appear quite often as you spin the reels.

Next up we have the high-paying symbols, these are the ones that you’ll want to look out for and they’re represented by a Snake, an Illustration, a Compass and a Treasure Chest.

The Primate King is, of course, this game’s Wild symbol. Not only will he substitute for any other common icon in the game in order to help build big wins, but occasionally he will roar and destroy all the low-paying symbols, letting high-paying icons fall in to take their place.

Online Betting Options & Features

Primate King starts off as a 5-reel, 4-row video slot game but as the game progresses you can unlock an extra reel making it a 6×4. At maximum reels there are 30 fixed paylines and the RTP hovers around 94.68%.


Random symbols will have gold coins attached to them when they land on the reels, winning combos with gold coins attached will add those coins to the meter on the right hand side of the grid. The more you collect, the more features you will unlock. You’ll be able to unlock Stacked Wilds, Multiplier Stacked Wilds and eventually Sticky Multiplier Stacked Wilds.

Join this expedition to find the Primate King with Red Tiger Gaming.

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