One Rand Casino Games

Many South Africans are feeling the pinch right now with loadshedding on the rise and prices of everyday goods reaching dizzying heights. Luckily, there is an online casino that offers some stellar entertainment for a single Rand. That’s right, you’ll be able to play quality table, wheel and lottery games for as little as R1.

There are multiple reasons why this option is appealing to players across the board. For newer players, it offers you the opportunity to try out some games that you might have had your eye on for a while or hone a strategy or two without too much of a cash investment. 

For risk-averse punters it allows you to make potential gains without the fear of losing too much in the process. For casual competitors they allow you to experience some of your favourite games without having to take them seriously. And finally, for all South Africans, they let you play without worrying about breaking the bank.

In order to play these simple titles, you’ll need a verified account with YesPlay, the online casino that offers them. Once you’ve got yourself set up with an account, visit the teller and make a deposit, using the banking options available. From there, navigate to the games section and click on the “One Rand” tab.

The Most Popular R1 Games

With games being offered from as little as R1 you might expect them all to be incredibly popular. While that is true to an extent, here are five of the most popular R1 games as outlined by YesPlay.

Andar Bahar: This game is one of the more simple titles on offer. Players will need to guess which side of a card pulled from a single deck of cards will win. Either the Andar or Bahar side will match the first card or joker drawn from the deck.

Deal Or No Deal: It’s never been easier to live out your gameshow T.V. fantasy. Developed by Evolution Gaming, you’ll need to use your reasoning and deduction skills, along with a whole lot of luck, to figure out if the suitcase that you have contains more money in it than what the banker is offering you.

Lightning Roulette: Deriving its rule set from the classic European roulette tables, this game is fully rendered in 3D. Being a first-person means it’ll feel like you’ve literally pulled up a chair at a roulette table as the wheel spins. This isn’t a standard game of roulette however, there is a chance for you to win x500 times your bet thanks to the lightning-struck multipliers that are present throughout the game.

Lucky 6: This title is an overhaul of the incredibly popular game; BIngo. The objective of this game is to try and guess which 35 numbers have been randomly selected from a batch of 48. There are some additional guesses that can factor into the game as well such as which colour the selected ball is, if they’re odd or even, and eventually what the total might end up being.

Mega Sic Bo: The simple die has provided hours of entertainment across various mediums and genres of games. In this game, developed by Pragmatic Play, players will need to try and guess the number that a randomly rolled dice will land on. If that isn’t enough for you, you’ll also be able to guess the size of the roll, whether it’s even or odd, and even on two or three dice at once.

A single Rand might not be able to get you very far in today’s economy but what it can buy you is a whole lot of fun at YesPlay Casino. If you’d like to dip your toes into online table games rather than dive right in, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Whatever your reason for playing, know that these titles won’t break the bank.