Nemo’s Voyage – Slot Review

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Jul 16, 2015


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Captain Nemo was made famous by Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, an 1870 novel. The concept of Captain Nemo has continued to entertain us even though Jules Verne is long gone.

WMS Gaming has offered us a different look at his book, through a slot machine. Take a journey on the Nautilus to earn some cash with the 5 reel, 4 row, and 40 pay line slot design.

The theme offers industrial Victorian era symbols including the interior of the Nautilus for the background. Fish of different sizes will appear as icons on the reels.

A harpoon, map, Hammerhead shark, sextant, Blue whale, Nemo, deep sea diver, and even a giant octopus are other symbols that can offer a fairly high pay out.

Nemo’s Voyage Slot Features

Wild is a very important symbol. It is big and blue and leads to a finished combination on a pay line. Nemo’s voyage also has a bonus round, which is accessed through the scatter symbol, which is a simple big Bonus sign.

Wild Depths

When you get a wild on the reels, you will see a pressure gauge near the depth gauge on the ship. Each time you spin the depth gauge goes a little deeper and it also means bonus features are on the way.

There are four options:

  1. 2x and 3x multipliers are added to the reels during game play.
  2. Pressurized wilds where the wilds will pressurize to build up a new win.
  3. Clumped Wilds- this clumps the wild symbols and other symbols so that adjacent symbols turn into wilds.
  4. Wild Reels where each spin will have 1 through3 reels all wild.

With wild depths the pay out is increased, as are your chances of winning. When you have Increase Pressure with a symbol landing on reel five you get to reach maximum level of pressure. At this point the sub ascends and what you have collected in bonus items will slowly disappear.

Free Spins

The bonus symbol needs to appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 to access free spins. It takes 3 bonus symbols for 8 free spins. During free spins a giant squid might appear, which pulls symbols off and gives you frozen wilds. This will remain through the free spin bonus.