Multiplier Odyssey Online Slot By Relax Gaming

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Feb 12, 2021


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Relax Gaming




Sci-Fi, Space






0.01 - 2

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Space, the final frontier. We always knew video slot games would end up here and Relax Gaming has taken the necessary steps to make sure it is a feature packed endeavour!

Whether you go along for the breathtaking views of the cosmos, the companionship of your fellow space marines or even to mingle with alien lifeforms this video slot title has you covered.

Let’s take a closer look and attempt to see just how the developer prepared their game to take the cosmic leap, as well as to see just how fun, interesting and full of surprises it really is.

Theme & Symbols

The game is set on a spaceship that’s looking out at the stars with endless possibilities.

The play grid is essentially the command deck of the ship that you’re flying in, to the left and the right you can look out to the stars that twinkle away. There are many blinking buttons that are so tempting to press and two seats for the pilots to use when they need to.

The music is something that stands out in this title, it really makes you feel like you’re on the bridge ready to launch yourself into a new adventure. Sound effects are subtle and don’t take you out of the immersion but do help guide your attention to the winning line.

The artwork, while fairly basic in some areas, is fine overall. There’s nothing that’s too eye catching or that stands out too much which is fine, though more detailed graphics wouldn’t go unappreciated especially given the exciting setting and theme.

The reels spin as smooth as you’d expect from space aged technology. The other animations that can be found throughout the game are subtle and work pretty well.

Overall, the presentation of this title is unfortunately nothing special. While it doesn’t look bad it isn’t the best looking slot available which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Starting off with the low-paying icons we have playing card suits. The symbols you’ll be seeing the most are Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts, all of which are worth exactly the same.

Moving on to the high-paying symbols we have various space marines clad in different colour armour and an alien as well. These are the icons you’ll want to keep your eye out for as they’re worth far more than the low-paying ones.

There is a Wild symbol present in this title that can substitute any other common icon in the game. The Wild is represented by a big ‘W’ symbol. Use this symbol to help build some winning combos.

A Scatter symbol is available in this game and is represented by a special ‘BONUS’ symbol. Landing enough of these during a single spin will trigger a bonus gameplay feature.

There are unique symbols that appear in this game that work alongside the Coin Collector feature. We’ll go into more detail on that shortly.

Betting Options & Features

Multiplier Odyssey is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game developed by Relax Gaming that has a total of 15 fixed paylines and a RTP of 96.50%.


Getting back to the Coin Collector feature, there are special Coin symbols that only appear on reels 1 – 4, each coin may possess a different value in the centre which represents the multiplier that it is carrying. The Collector symbol can only appear in reel 5 and should it land in conjunction with the other Coin symbols, those Coins are collected and awarded as a win. There are also special multiplier Coin Collectors which can triple the amount awarded from the coins.

Bonus spins are awarded when at least 3 Scatters land during a single spin. 3 Scatters will grant you 7 lives, 4 will award 8 lives and 5 will give you 9 lives. A life is used up during the bonus spins whenever a spin does not result in a win. During bonus spins 10 multipliers will be active, each win will remove and activate a multiplier until the 11th win when a super multiplier will be applied.

Also active during the bonus spins are feature symbols, these all do something different. The different symbols can:

  • Remove the lowest multiplier.
  • Increase one random multiplier by 1.
  • Increase all the active multipliers by 1 each.
  • Increase the life meter by 1.

Lastly there is a buy feature which allows you to buy your way into bonus spins should you wish.


Use all of these bonus features to explore the galaxy with Relax Gaming!