Multi Wheel Roulette Review

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Jul 19, 2012





Coins Bet Range

New Multi-Wheel Roulette is not just like any other casino game, in fact, it is a new concept in gaming that includes eight spinning roulette wheels but with one betting board. It may sound confusing to you, but this is a fun-filled and challenging game for all those who love roulette.

This game allows the players to wager on the results of eight roulette wheels simultaneously.

Eight Times the Reward

Multi-Wheel Roulette offers an option to each player of selecting the number of roulette wheels as per their wish. Once they choose the wheels, they can place bets to play per spin on a single roulette layout. As a result, each bet they place will be multiplied by the number of wheels enabled by them. The player has to decide how many wheels they want to enable. All they need to do is simply click on the wheels to enable or disable. In short, this revolutionary roulette game offers you eight chances to win on this multiple roulette game.

Betting Range

Multi-Wheel Roulette features an array of betting ranges to suit most players and with eight spinning wheels, the player’s winning chance is always higher. This is certainly a great opportunity for all roulette lovers. The wagering in this game has chips from $1 to $50. You can choose the type of chip you want to place bets. The more number of wheels you choose, the better will be your winning chances. Before the game starts, the player has to enable the wheels that they’d like to place bets on.

Multi-Wheel roulette also has call bets, players have the option to select the pre-named and pre-determined bets. Of course, the game has a set of call bets similar to the bets shouted out in casinos. It is as easy as selecting specific numbers that you usually do while playing a roulette game. In fact, the player can also choose to place multiple call bets on the table. Even though the online roulette game will feature a single betting table, the bet placed by the player will be multiplied by the number of wheels that they choose to enable.

Online Multi-Wheel Roulette has excellent graphics and amazing digital sound quality; of course, this will enhance your online eight wheel roulette playing experience. Just play it once and you will come to know how amazing and outstanding graphics the new Multi-Wheel Roulette features. With its smooth game play, high-end digital sound, and crystal clear graphics, the new online Multi-Wheel roulette is certainly one of the best casino roulette games played online.

In short, the new Multi-Wheel online Roulette is able to captivate all table players by offering them an opportunity to wager on more than one reel each time. Thus, this game makes it possible for the players to enjoy multiple payouts due to the eight-wheels spinning. Certainly, this is a game for those enthusiastic and skilled table players who would like to experience eight-times more action and fun. SA