Money Cart 2 Online Slot By Relax Gaming

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Jul 23, 2021


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0.01 - 20

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The rusted Cart is making its return along the tracks of the post apocalyptic railway, bringing enough firepower along with it to level a small city. If you couldn’t get enough of the first title, this sequel will have you beyond excited to spin the black metal reels and win some plunder that this doom cart has won.

While it might take a little while to learn the new mechanics of this game, after you’ve spun the reels a few times you’ll understand what is going on. While you play the title make sure you don’t jump out of your seat when you hear the gunfire, that’ll be coming from the game when a bonus mode is activated.

Join us as we see what’s new with this installment of Money Cart from Relax Gaming.

Theme & Symbols

If you’ve played the first Money Cart then you know exactly what aesthetic this video slot game has going on. If you haven’t, imagine if Mad Max took place in the wild west and instead of cars they used carts on railway tracks.

The background is fairly similar to the first game, a dusty old shanty town that’s just trying to survive out in the middle of nowhere. There is a broken windmill spinning ever so slowly in the background trying to pump what little water might still be left. There are lights on in the homes that line the left and the right of the cart, they seem to just want the cart to leave them in peace.

The play grid is mounted on the cart, just like the first game, and is packed full of explosives, sharp metal and wires that all somehow make the cart move. Since the cart is the main focus of the game it has the most detail which is nice, your eyes can wander around as the reels all spin.

Music and animations are superb, the ambiance that the backtrack creates coupled with the smooth animations bring the title together and make it feel like an experience. Sound effects are a little lacking but it honestly doesn’t draw much away from the title.

Overall, Relax Gaming has done a good enough job to make this title stand out on its own without making it feel like it was simply recycled from the first game. You should definitely give this title a go just so you can experience the world it has created.


Symbols work a little differently in this game. During the base game, icons are separated into two categories, broken symbols which payout nothing and bonus symbols. You need to land at least three bonus symbols to start a payout chain.

There are extra symbols that will appear during the bonus payout chain but we’ll cover those in the ‘Features’ section.

Online Betting Options & Features

Money Cart 2 starts off as a 5-reel, 4-row video slot title but can add 2 extra reels as bonus actions occur. The theoretical RTP for this title is around 98%.


While you spin you’ll be trying to land at least three bonus symbols. When you eventually do you’ll trigger 3 re-spins. During these re-spins different numbered coin values can land on the reels. If a silver symbol lands a value between 1 and 10 coins will be present and if a gold symbol lands the coin value will be between 20 and 200.

Character symbols have a chance to land as well and each character has a unique effect, they are as follows:

Payer – She will land with a set coin value and add that value to all visible coin values on the reels.

Collector – He will land with a coin value and collect all other coins on the reels and add them to his own value.

Collector / Payer – They will land with a coin value, collect all other coins on the reels and add them to their own value, then add that new value back to all the other coins on the reels.

Sniper – He will land with a coin value and then double the values of between 3 – 8 coins on the grid.

Necromancer – He reveals a coin value and then reactivates any previously landed character bonus (Payer, Collector, Collector / Payer or Sniper).

Reset Plus – This broken little stopwatch will reveal a coin value and increase the starting count of the re-spins by one.

There are also persistent versions of the PayerSniper and the Collector which will activate when they land and remain active for each subsequent spin.

Each time a new, payable, symbol lands the re-spin counter resets.

Come and cause havoc with Money Cart 2 and Relax Gaming.