Miles Bellhouse And The Gears Of Time Online Slot By BetSoft

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Nov 26, 2020


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Time travel is something that has haunted the minds of humans for many many years but BetSoft may have just cracked the formula!

Miles Bellhouse and his trusty robot companion have been working hard on perfecting the art of time travel and with their creation you can score yourself some pretty major wins!

Set in Miles’ workshop you can see just how dedicated the two of them are to making this machine run so you can make sure that you win either in the past, the present or even the future! Are you willing to go backwards or forwards to secure those massive wins?

Theme & Symbols

The theme of this title is very steampunk time travel. Gears and cogs make up the majority of the imagery that you’ll be seeing.

The workshop in which the play grid is housed is very well detailed. There’s a ball of light on the left hand side in between Miles and his mechanical buddy. That orb of energy changes colour depending on where you are in the timeline. If you’re in the present it’s green, gold if you’re in the past and purple if you’re in the future.

The music that plays alongside the game is quite relaxing while still managing to invoke a sense of wonder while you play. Sound effects are subtle and don’t take you out of the immersive experience.

The animations are smooth and flow nicely and on the whole everything is painted with a very detail oriented brush.


The symbols you’ll be coming across are what you might imagine from a steampunk title like this one. The lower paying icons are bronze, silver and gold gears.

Higher paying symbols include a pair of goggles, a cardinal time watch, the robot companion and Miles himself.

Time charged wilds have a chance to appear on the grid while you play. These unique glowing icons can substitute for any other symbol in the game.

Betting Options & Features

This particular video slot from BetSoft plays on a 5×5 cascading grid and has a RTP of 96.98%.

There are a few interesting mechanics at play in this title. Depending on where you are currently situated in the timeline alters how certain features play out.

To start off, each round, five randomly selected tiles are positioned. At the end of the round there is a chance that any of these tiles may be covered by a winning cluster. The more winning clusters that cover the randomly selected tiles the higher your chance of triggering one of the special time travelling features. If all five tiles are covered the free spins bonus round is triggered.

Should you land in the past, your previous round is replayed, except at the end of the spin a final cascade of non-matching symbols drops, increasing your chances of winning big. This cascade repeats 5 times.

If you end up staying in the present, a random multiplier between 2x – 20x is applied to wins.

Finally, should you manage to propel yourself forward in time, to the future, symbols are randomly selected from the grid and guarantees a larger amount of that symbol in a bonus respin. 10 or more of that symbol will drop down the grid.

If you manage to earn yourself some free spins you’ll be able to choose which timestream you want to play in.

  • Choosing the past nets you 12 bonus spins. These spins get an extra re-cascade at the end of the spin.
  • Choosing the present gets you 10 bonus spins with a random 2x – 20x multiplier applied.
  • Choosing the future earns you 6 bonus spins with a randomly selected symbol having 10 or more duplicates cascade down.

Come change the timeline with BetSoft and earn yourself some massive wins!