Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers Online Slot by Rival Gaming

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Oct 19, 2020


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Magic, Medieval






0.01 - 5

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Rival Gaming has taken a step on the mysterious side of life, focusing this time around on the Arthurian Legend and mainly on the master wizard himself, Merlin!

As you’d expect from a theme such as this, this video slot is based heavily in the mystical and the fantastical letting your wildest imaginings come true across the reels.

Let Merlin and his long, white glorious beard show you the way to your destiny whilst trying not to get too blown away by his feats of magical prowess.

While this slot might not help you become the king of England, it most certainly might help you walk away with some big wins.

Theme and Symbols

The theme may seem pretty straight forward from the title but always keep in mind that nothing is ever as it seems when dealing with this mystical wizard. The symbols reflect exactly what you’d expect from a hideaway based around practising the arcane arts.

Rival Gaming has put their signature charm into this fantastical adventure of ancient magic.


Some symbols to keep an eye out for include pointed wizarding caps, the ever faithful wizard’s companion, the cat and powerful amulets that can amplify one’s magical ability.

There is also a Wild Icon that may make its presence known by appearing on the grid from time to time. There is even the coveted Mystical Seven Times Multiplier Wild that can appear to mystify you.

Betting Options and Features 

Merlin likes to play on a 3-reel video slot, making sure nothing is too overwhelming for the non-magically inclined among us. 

Should his Mystical Seven Times Multiplier grant you a spectacularly magical win, Merlin himself might even stop what he’s doing to come greet you himself. If Merlin is too busy however, he might send over his most prized possession, his ancient and powerful tome of wizardry.

Let Rival Gaming cast their spell on you in this medieval world of magnificent magics! 

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