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Jun 20, 2023


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0.04 - 4

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Us South Africans enjoy spending time in physical casinos, you don’t have to look further than MonteCasino on a Saturday evening to prove that point. Casino games developer Red Tiger Gaming has taken that feeling of sitting down in front of a classic physical slot machine and imported it into the digital world. This is all to say that with Mega Rise, you’ll be able to have that very same physical experience from the comfort of your own home.

This title seeks to emulate that quintessential feeling you get when you sit in front of your favourite one-armed bandit. The game is simple to play and understand and comes with a few unique features to keep even the most veteran gamblers on their toes.

If you’re interested to see how Red Tiger Gaming set aside their desire for fantastical online slot themes and instead brought a classic game into the modern era, then read on. We’ll outline all of the bonus features that can trigger, symbols that will hopefully land, and the overall presentation of the game itself.

A Winning Formula

There’s a reason why some of the most stand-out slot titles are the simple ones. They are easy to operate, simple to grasp, highly accessible, and offer iconic imagery. This has been the winning formula for decades and developer Red Tiger Gaming seemingly understands that. When re-tooling this title for a modern audience, they kept everything that makes these games iconic while adding their own flare to it as well. 

As a result, we have a game that stays true to its roots while maintaining a fresh and new feel.

The grid takes up most of the screen with pulsing lights shining in from behind it. This simple yet effective visual effect makes the game stand out more and gives it a grandiose feeling. You’ll immediately notice two things when loading into this game, the main grid and the side bar where additional symbols are on display. We’ll go into the function of the sidebar in just a little bit.

The audio is effective, the relaxed upbeat tune gets you in the mood to play and the classic slot game sound effects give you the same feeling that a physical game might.

This title perfectly embodies an old-school slot release that has been brought forward and kitted out with new-school features. If you’re looking to experience this title for yourself, we suggest doing so using a demo account so that you can get a proper feel for the game before committing real money to it.

Juicy Fruits & Flaming Sevens

You might already have a decent idea as to what symbols are present in the game. What might throw you a little off are the new bonus symbols that have been added. In total, there are nine icons that can appear on the grid while spinning the reels. Seven of them will pay out according to the paytable should enough matching images land on a pay line. The remaining two will enhance your overall experience should they happen to make an appearance.

We’ll start with the paying images. These are represented by classic slot game symbols. Get ready to see Cherries, Lemons, Grapes, Watermelons, Stars, Bells, and Triple 7s making a reappearance on the grid. As you might expect, the Triple 7s are the highest-paying common icon in the game.

Moving on to the bonus symbols, these are represented by Poker Chips. The Black Mega Rise Chip and the Golden Mega Rise Chip interact with the symbols that appear in the sidebar. We’ll go through these effects shortly.

Fabled Fundamentals

This title is played on a classic 3×3 grid. You’ll be looking to land winning combinations on one of the 5 fixed paylines that are present in the game.

The bets range from 0.20 – 20 coins per spin. The highest achievable win that can be obtained through gameplay is 5,000x the bet.

The potential payout percentage of this title is 96.08% which is higher than the average of Red Tiger Gaming’s previous slots. The volatility with which you’ll be playing has been rated as being high.

Mega Rise & Reset

We’ll now finally take an in-depth look at the side bar present in this title. Whenever symbols form a winning line they are added to the Rising Multiplier bar. Their multiplier increases for each win line. The multiplier of a single symbol can reach up to 100x. The multiplier will increase for each win so long as that symbol remains in the sidebar. The bar can only hold up to three symbols at a time so symbols can be pushed out in order to make room for a new one.

The Black Mega Rise chip can land on any spin. When it does it will either increase the multiplier of a random symbol in the sidebar or lock a symbol in the bar until it forms a winning line.

The Golden Mega Rise chip will either significantly increase the multiplier of a random symbol or will lock a symbol in the bar until it forms two winning spins.

A Modern Classic

If you’re looking to experience this title, you’ll be able to do so from the comfort of your own couch by logging on to your favourite online casino.

For more from Red Tiger Gaming, we suggest having a look at Happy Apples. This title is completely different to Mega Rise and perfect if you’re looking for a cascading video slot release.

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