Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Game from BetSoft

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Dec 13, 2018

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is a pioneering action/adventure RPG designed by Betsoft where you find yourself immersed in an underground labyrinth belonging to the Sun God Ra. The lost treasure, which is your objective, is protected by gods, mummies and scarabs that lurk behind every treacherous corridor.


Betsoft is known for their exceptional 3-D artwork and animation, and you’ll find plenty of that here. The thematic audio effects reinforce the RPG concept, and the action never seems to stop. You’ll find a host of common enemies: Ruby Crypt Watcher, Scarab Hatchling, Golden Tomb Scrabbler, Wrapped Minion, Wrapped SpiritGuard, Wrapped ShadowGuard, Crimson Botoonto, Tohowy Warrior and Emerald Botoonto. There are also reborn mummies, previously killed, and private events with higher volatility targets and higher potential rewards which arise randomly. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Game

Choose Your Avatar

The game is played in rooms, determined by your wager, of up to 6 players choosing their adventure with customisable avatars. Your bet is measured in terms of bullets capable of killing or harming targets, which can reward you with payouts. Bullets can be purchased during and between game rounds. The more shots it takes to kill a target, the higher the potential payout which can reach up to 100x wager. We should also note that weapons are not the only things enemies can drop. You can also pick up very rare treasures equating to experience points (XP) which increase your rank on the leaderboard. Treasure sets collected, set number of treasures and set of enemies defeated are recorded and then used to advance you through an infinite number of achievements awarding additional XP.

Your Weapon

The slot game features an assortment of deadly weapons: shotgun, grenade, chain gun, laser and plasma gun. You upgrade from standard weapons by different methods such as collecting ones that have been dropped by a dead enemy. Since the special weapon does not use regular bullets (wagers) – consider them free bets! Of course, like any RPG game, different weapons have different strengths meaning they can do more damage, and they are illustrated by a star. A standard weapon has one star, the shotgun has two stars, the laser weapon and chain gun weapons have four stars, and the plasma weapon has five stars.

God Event

The God Event may be triggered at the completion of every round when all enemies are dead or have departed the room. What’s left behind is a Pharaoh God who wanders the room for you to kill as a group collectively. Treasure and cash are then apportioned based on the number of shots fired during the rounds and the God event.

The Leaderboard

Ultimately, the objective of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is to jostle for leaderboard position by collecting achievements, treasures, prizes and customisable cosmetics. Top ranking players will receive special prizes depending on their XP which can range from instant cash, cosmetic achievements, casino bonuses, visible prizes or 2% of all wagers. This next step in gaming has an RTP of 96% and requires no skill to play.