Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Online Slot By BetSoft

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Nov 20, 2020


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Action, Adventure




0.01 - 8

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Do you have what it takes to fight back the undead pirate horde? The zombie pirate leader has summoned his minions from below the depths in an attempt to stop you and your adventurous crew from making off with incredible wins!

The next installment in the Max Quest series of action slots, this one is set to make fans of the series happy with the beautiful visuals and action packed gameplay.

Pick your stage, choose your weapon and get ready to fight back the seemingly endless waves of monsters and ghouls!

Let’s take a closer look at the newest iteration of BetSoft’s action packed title.

Theme & Symbols

In this iteration of the action slot series by BetSoft, our heroes are facing off against the undead pirate king and his legions of undead minions.

Taking place mainly on the decks of ships or on sandy beaches, whichever map you decide to play on it will be filled with detail and eye popping visuals.

The music that plays is also action packed, it makes you feel like you’re really fighting back all the different creatures that appear on screen.

Animations are surprisingly smooth considering the sheer amount of movement going on at any given time. Weapons animate nicely and so do enemies, each enemy moves in its own individual way. There was clearly a lot of love that was poured onto this title.


Traditional symbols in this game are replaced with enemies that you need to fight. There are roughly 24 different enemies and enemy variations that you need to defeat. From the incredibly small, like crabs on the beach to dreaded, monstrous leviathans.

There are also many different weapon types in the game, 13 to be exact, each of which will lead you to your victory over the undead!

Betting Options & Features

Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove is an action slot developed by BetSoft with an RTP of 97.5%

The first thing you need to know when loading into this title is that the level you decide to play on determines your bet per shot you fire. If you only have weaker weapons unlocked it’s recommended that you start off on the lower levels first.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dead eye or shooting in the dark, each shot you fire off is guaranteed to hit no matter what.

Each shot that you make has a chance to win. That means that there is a chance that your shot can destroy the enemy it hits, rewarding you with cash payouts, unique weapons or collectable keys used to unlock special treasure chests.

Each weapon you use has a chance to land a critical hit, a critical hit applies multipliers to the payout of that destroyed enemy. The multiplier can be  either x2, x3, x5, x7 or x10.

Instant Wins are a dynamic feature that has the ability to instantly destroy the enemy that you’re attacking. Should this ability trigger, you’ll be awarded with random prizes.

Bonus Wins happen when your attack does more damage to the enemy than the health that remains. If you deal over damage, you are awarded with a bonus cash prize in addition to the standard prize that you would normally receive.

Fight back the hordes of the Dread Captain Blackbeard and claim your prize!

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