Magnetz Online Slot by Relax Gaming

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Oct 09, 2020


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Relax Gaming


Mystical, Sci-Fi




0.01 - 5

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When they say opposites attract, they really mean that for opposite charges in magnets. Positive and negative charges pull toward each other. 

Well in Magnetz, big wins are attracted to you! 

In this video slot game by Relax Gaming you’ll be trying to remember everything you learned about magnetism in science class along with all the various icons that are on display across all four of the grids. 

Polarities, change and the symbols along with it. You’ve got to keep on your toes if you want to come out on top and win big in this video slot. 

Themes and Symbols

The game takes place in a dimly lit warehouse where the only reprieve from the monotony of the dull background is an occasional puff of smoke or dust that is only illuminated by the warehouse lights. 

The background artwork and animation is very well done, there was a lot of care that was put into the details of everything you see. The symbols, while fairly basic, have their own unique charm. 

The soundtrack is very low-key and relaxed, it further emphasises the emptiness of the room where the game takes place, it’s a nice touch to get players in the mind-set of the theme the game presents. 

The sound effects that play when you land a winning spin do a good job pulling your attention to the glowing symbols and further add to that exciting feeling of winning. 


There’s various symbols to keep an eye out for, symbols that are represented by different shapes like squares, triangles, circles and many more. 

The icons you need to pay attention to are the four on the centre magnets. They randomise on every spin, it’s important to keep that in mind. 

There’s also five variations of the Wild Symbol that can substitute any other icon in the game. The variations are W – Wx5, depending on which wild you get, you’ll receive a multiplier when evaluating cluster wins.  

Betting Options and Features 

This title sure is an interesting video slot. There’s four grids to keep your eyes on. Each grid is a 3×4 and fills with symbols on each spin. In order to win you need to match clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. 

Flux Re-Spin

Whenever 5 or more symbols match a grid’s main magnet a Flux Re-Spin is triggered. Should 5 or more symbols match again the bonus spin is retriggered. 

Magnetic Merge

If two adjacent main magnets match, the Magnetic Merge feature is triggered. During the merge the two grids become one and vastly increases your odds of triggering a Flux Re-Spin. 

Free Spins

During your time playing if you manage to collect the letters B, O, N, U, S (no points for guessing what happens) you’ll be rewarded with 5 bonus spins. These spins are played on a bigger game area, further increasing your chances of winning. 

Relax Gaming has crafted a pretty interesting title with this one. The sombre setting might put some players off but if you can stick with it the potential for big wins makes the game that much more enticing.