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Mar 13, 2021


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We hope you have your goggles ready to explore the upper atmosphere in this steampunk adventure that takes place in the clouds.

If you’ve ever wondered what a civilization that has their cities built high up in the sky might look like, Push Gaming has you covered. They let their creative team run wild with their ideas and imaginings. Humanoid robots and bronze animals are the norm over here so it might take a little getting used to.

Join us as we embark on this adventure and find out what makes this video slot game unique and what wonderful bonuses wait ahead.

Theme & Symbols

If you’ve ever played a steampunk styled video slot game before you know more or less what you’re getting into. Bronze contraptions are everywhere, goggles seem to be cutting edge fashion and of course, a slight element of time travel thrown in for good measure.

The play grid is situated in front of two floating cities. Above and below these buildings is nothing but empty skies and puffy clouds. The grid seems to have been crafted out of that ever popular metal, bronze. You’ll immediately notice a circular contraption built into the left side of the grid, that isn’t just for show but actually determines when bonus features trigger.

The audio in this title fits really well, the music invokes a sense of wonder and adventure whilst not being too overbearing or intense. The moment you launch the game you are asked if you would like sound or not so from the beginning you can customise it to your preference. Push Gaming recommends headphones for the best listening experience and we can’t blame them.

Animations are smooth and crisp, the reels spin without issue and the cities in the background bob up and down as they float off in the distance. The animation in the symbols during winning spins is a bit lackluster but it really doesn’t take anything away from the overall experience.

This is a beautifully presented video slot game that demonstrates, quite well, what Push Gaming can do.


There are four low-paying icons that are present in this game, they look to be represented by different gems in different shapes. You’ll be seeing a crescent moon, an orb with a rind around it, and two different star shaped icons.

The medium value symbols are represented by charming steampunk creations like a scroll, a butterfly and an owl. 

The high-paying symbols are some characters you might see around in a steampunk world. There’s a human-like robot, a woman and a man with a great big beard.

Then comes the super high value symbol, this one is a dastardly looking fellow with a pointy white beard and a red monocle.

There is a Wild in this game that can substitute for any other common symbol in the game.

Finally we come to the turner symbols. These influence the bronze contraption, the Disc Mechanism, that is attached to the grid. We’ll go more into what they do a little later on.

Online Betting Options & Features

Land of Zenith is a 6-reel, 4-row video slot game developed by Push Gaming. There are a total of 30 fixed paylines and a RTP of 96.29%.


The Disc Mechanism is the circular device you see attached to the grid on the left. This device controls when certain bonus features activate. It is made up of 3 independently moving discs, the inner, middle and outer discs. Each disc has a groove etched into it, during a spin, should the grooves line up to complete one full groove, the Bouncing Mystery Feature is triggered.

There is a chance that the disc turns gold during a spin, should this happen and the grooves align, the Hypermode Free Spins Feature is activated.

Turner Symbols can only land on reels 2, 4 and 6 and will turn the Disc Mechanism in the symbols direction.

During the Bouncing Mystery Feature an orb is released onto the grid, bouncing around wildly. When it collides with the edge of a reel it creates a Mystery Symbol, then it either disappears or splits into two and continues bouncing. Should these two collide they will create a burst of five Mystery Symbols. When the orbs disappear they Mystery Symbols will all reveal the same symbol, potentially creating a big win.


Come use these steampunk creations and explore the world above with Push Gaming.

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