Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Online Slot By Relax Gaming

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Jan 14, 2021


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Relax Gaming has taken the classic formula for creating online video slot games and turned it upside down. They’ve created a slot game that works using clusters and cascading reels. While they’re not the first to ever do this, it’s nice to see developers mixing up their library.

With no real discernible theme other than crystals and precious stones, most of the development time and effort went into creating an engaging game for their player base.

“How exactly does this slot game work?” You might be asking yourself, we’re going to have a proper look and see how this title operates and whether or not Relax Gaming has created a fun and interesting game to play.

Theme & Symbols

As already mentioned, there is no stand out theme or story that this video slot game is trying to portray. Rather, the grid is composed of two stone brick columns set to the backdrop of rolling fog with various plants surrounding it.

The art work and the level of detail that went into this title however, is fantastic. The crystals really look like they shine even in the most dim light. The fog does a great job of keeping your attention focused on the grid.

The music that plays alongside this title is nice, it’s nothing too intense or too low-key. It feels like it belongs with this game as the symbols cascade from up top.

Animation quality is also excellent. Symbols animate when part of a winning cluster, symbols fall into place and icons disappear due to certain gameplay features all while looking like they’re supposed to.


The symbols in this game act a bit differently than most slot games around. Landing a winning cluster will cause all the neighboring icons to upgrade into either a double, triple or quad icon. The basic symbols you’ll be seeing throughout your time with the game will be Emeralds, Sapphires, Amethysts, Spinels and Rubies.

Multipliers are solid octagonal shapes represented in four different colours being Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. These multipliers can be upgraded up to three times when next to winning clusters just like normal symbols. If you’re lucky you could end up with a x40 multiplier!

Finally there is the bonus symbol. Looking like a golden symbol, should this icon get fully upgraded you’ll be awarded with 7 bonus spins. If you’re able to fully upgrade a bonus icon during the bonus spins you’ll be given 4 more bonus spins.

Betting Options & Features

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is a 5×5 cascading video slot game with a RTP of 96.49% where the aim is to land winning symbol clusters.


The game possesses a feature that is guaranteed to trigger after 6 avalanches. These features include:

Krystal Vanish: This feature will decide on one symbol on the grid and remove all of the other icons that are identical to it. After that new symbols will take their place.

Krystal Boost: When this feature activates all visible normal symbols will be upgraded.

Krystal Kut: Lastly, this feature will remove all visible, single, normal symbols from the grid.


Come try out Relax Gaming’s first attempt at a Megacluster game, you won’t be disappointed!