Joker’s Luck Deluxe Online Slot By Skywind Group

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Mar 24, 2021


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You can’t keep a good joker down for long, that’s why Joker’s Luck Deluxe is here off the heels of Joker’s Luck. This pretty unique game has changed up the gameplay of the original quite a bit. Change is good however and this new style of play is fast, intense and can lead to some harrowing moments.

If you’re a fan of the whole joker look and aesthetic then you’re in luck, this game is 100% joker focused with the ever looming threat of the Red Joker hanging over you. You need to climb the cash ladders before that nasty Red Joker diminishes your progress.

This style of gameplay might be a welcome break from the majority of video slot games out there. While simple, it requires a fair amount of strategy, knowing when to cash out before losing it all can bring you to the edge of your seat.

Join us as we explore this fun and interesting slot game right now.

Theme & Symbols

If you played the original version of this then you know pretty much everything there is to know about this game. There is a good, happy joker that tries to help you win with gold symbols and then there’s the spiteful Red Joker that only wants to see the world burn.

The user interface is the majority of the screen in this game, there is no fancy background to look at here. Though that could be a good thing, there isn’t anything aside from a few purple pulsing stars that can distract you.

Speaking of, the user interface is made up of three separate money ladders sitting on top of the single row reels. There is a collect button to the right of the reels that you’ll use to gather your winnings before a suspected Red Joker wipe.

The music is quite up beat, meaning if the Red Joker does pay you a visit you aren’t as annoyed as you maybe should be. Animations are great if a little limited and sound effects do their jobs well.


Symbols work a little differently in this game. There are a limited number of symbols, consisting of Bells, Horseshoes and Stars. Each symbol has a single, double and triple variant that allows you to climb the appropriate money ladder. The more symbols you land, the higher you climb.

The friendly Joker represents the Wild symbol in this game. He will substitute for any of the other three symbols. A win with one Joker will increase the steps on all three towers by 2, a win with 2 Jokers will increase the steps by 4 and a win with 3 Jokers will increase the steps on all three towers by 8.

Beware of the Red Joker. Should all three of his pieces land across the reels all your progress across each tower will be reset back to 0.

Online Betting Options & Features

Joker’s Luck Deluxe is a 3-reel, single row video slot game developed by Skywind. There is a single payline and a ridiculous RTP of 97%.


If you’ve managed to climb to the top of a tower and haven’t collected your winnings yet and you’re brave enough to spin again and don’t land the Red Joker, any symbol you land that has a completed tower will pay out the maximum value.

Landing a single symbol will increase that specific tower by one, landing a double will increase it by two and a triple will increase it by three. A single tower can increase by a maximum of nine during a single spin.

See if you can outplay the Red Joker and make off with some big wins in Joker’s Luck Deluxe!