Ice Hockey Slot Review

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Jul 18, 2012










0.01 - 1

Coins Bet Range

Ice Hockey Slots is a sports themed slots game. The theme for the game is ice hockey. Before you begin playing the slots game you are given a list of hockey teams to choose from. These teams are not just part of theme but also affect the way you win. The team that you pick on the left only wins from left to right, and the team that you pick on the right only wins from right to left. Payouts occur when the same player is on the same pay line. However mixed payouts can occur when players on the same team are in the same pay line.

Slot Features

Ice Hockey has five different reels and fifteen pay lines. The line bets range from 0.01 credits to 5 credits. The maximum bet that can be placed on a spin is 75 credits. The highest line payout available is 50,000 credits. Ice hockey has a fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins which occurs when there are five goal posts on active lines. The goal posts also act as wilds in the game but do not substitute for a team’s flag. This means that the goal post can trigger a jackpot and mixed payouts for the player, but cannot get the player free spins.

The bonus round is triggered when the ice hockey puck is on the 2nd reel and a team member is on its left. The bonus round can also be triggered if the puck appears on the 4th reel and a team member is on the right of the puck. When the conditions are met for the bonus round the player on the side of the puck shoots the puck for a goal which pays out three times the player’s bet. Both teams have a flag as the free spins symbol, and twelve free spins are given when the flag of the same team appears at same time on reels 1 and 5. During the free spins that occur when the same team’s flag appear on reels one and five there are no multipliers that take place. However, their team is the only one present on the slots during the twelve free spins. This makes it much more likely that a win will occur.

Special Features

The types of triggers for pay out bonuses and free spins are unique to Ice Hockey slots and make it superior to many other slot games. This is because it is one of the only slots games where only two symbols are required in order to have bonuses and free spins awarded. Since only two symbols are required this allows you to receive bonuses much more frequently. Overall, Ice hockey Slots is a great new slot game. It provides a refreshing new theme and many ways to win. SA