How a Minor Traffic Offense Made 33-year-old Woman a Millionaire!

Slots Nutter

Jun 18, 2018

She was stuck in traffic, became a millionaire, received a traffic fine and was almost arrested – all in just over an hour! We’ve all read about people who win life-changing amounts of money when playing at an online casino. The stories are all quite similar. For some or other weird reason it usually happens at night when, I suppose, people are bored. They start spinning as a past-time and then BOOM!, out of the blue they win the progressive jackpot that you and I dream about. Yes, we dream about it. I’m sure you’ve already decided (in detail) what you will do with your millions if it happens to you. I know I have, many times. There are however some interesting stories of how some of the fortunate few won their millions and the story of Lilly Smith is definitely worth a mention. Being stuck in traffic is an interesting scenario, where exciting things seem to happen in the strangest ways. We hate it, and we try to avoid it, but for this lucky lady, a traffic jam changed her life in the most unlikely way. Her story could top the list of unusual coincidences in history. So if you would like to be amazed for the rest of the day, keep on reading. The 33-year-old Lilly Smith was stuck in traffic on her way home from work one day. We all know the helpless feeling of bumper to bumper on the highway and the claustrophobic realisation that there is no way out. While the boredom becomes mind-numbing, some might clean their car, and others might grab that sack of half-eaten lunch on the passenger seat and, when that’s done, we play around on social media. Come on admit it. And this is precisely what made Lilly Smith $4.2 million richer. And, almost got her arrested. ‘’I started playing around on my phone while I was in this crazy traffic jam one day. I had recently joined an online casino and enjoyed the slot games. I still had some money left in my bankroll, so I thought, what the hell; let’s give it a go.’’ ‘’I didn’t think anything of it. I played to keep myself entertained while being so ridiculously bored. I only placed $0.25 bets and then all of a sudden I realised that I had won a progressive jackpot.’’ ‘’When the amount was displayed on my screen, I couldn’t contain myself. I think I went through a few minutes of denial, but when I realised that I was a millionaire, I wanted to jump out of my car and run around. I can’t explain the feeling; it was crazy!’’ Although it is almost impossible to believe, Lilly’s story has another weird twist to it. When the traffic started moving, she changed lanes incorrectly and was stopped by a traffic officer. It was such a minor offence that it was almost unfair but he still gave her a $200 fine. Because she was beyond herself with excitement, the traffic officer became suspicious of her behaviour and asked her to step out of her vehicle. ‘’He thought I was intoxicated. I explained why I was so hysterical, but he didn’t believe me. Eventually, I did a breathalyser test, and he let me go with only the fine.’’ I am sure that Lilly didn’t mind paying the $200 fine because after all, she could easily afford it. She quit her 8 – 5 job and won’t need to sit in the horrendous traffic ever again. But, I need to admit, I’ll take a day of traffic anytime if it makes me $4.2 million richer.