Fish Catch is a New Arcade Style Slot Game from Realtime Gaming

Slots Nutter

Feb 22, 2019

RealTime Gaming abandons the notion of a traditional slot game for the excitement of an interactive, arcade-style underwater adventure called Fish Catch. This multi-player game gives you a chance to haul a catch of up to R25,000!

Schools of sea life

Undeniably, RealTime Gaming has crafted a beautifully illustrated game which helps set the stage for an underwater adventure. With an overhead view of the sea floor, it is teeming with schools of sea life. Some of this sea life make up the top-paying symbols which include a mermaid, purple shark, tiger shark, devilfish, golden shark and swordfish. Below these schools are 15 additional fish representing the lower-paying sea life. Some of these include tiger fish, jungle fish, striped fish, guppy golden fish and catfish followed by nine more for a total of twenty-one species. Fish Catch is an animated slot with schools of fish moving across your screen to the sound of a cheery tune in a perpetual loop. Superimposing the tune is the sound of cannon fire and other audio effects.

Power-up, aim & fire

The rules of the game are simple – shoot as many fish as you can during the timed round of 6 minutes. For this reason, a more suitable title might have been, Fish Kill.  You first need to select from 6 rooms which vary according to wager. Once done, you are presented with five cannons, that represent multipliers of x1, x2, x3, x5 and x10 your wager, that you can power-up depending on how tough your target is. Of course the higher you power-up, the higher your bet per target hit. Each fish displays a blood health bar above it which you aim to drain completely. While a smaller cannon and thus a lower multiplier, will suffice for smaller prey, the trick is to select the right size of cannon as the prey can get harder to kill. Fish with a lower value than your cannon fire wager become invisible so as not to waste ammo. To help you identify the area of the higher-value fish quicker, you’ll find a radar system and map at the top right of the screen display. During play, you can decide if you’re only interested in a specific fish. In this scenario, you can then select the Auto Aim feature to lock onto a particular fish and naturally ignore the rest. A bullet that misses a target and reaches the peripheral of the play area will bounce back, perpetually until it strikes a fish.

Mermaid’s Luck Feature

The Mermaid’s Luck Feature is triggered, at random, while you’re playing. The result is a wheel of fortune spin which can award a prize of 250x, 130x, 109x, 92x or 78x bet.

Plenty of fish in the sea

Fish Catch is an arcade-style game that’s easy to play, where South African players can vary their wagers from as little as R0.20 to as much as R250. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile; dive into a watery world using your Android or iOS device.