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Apr 16, 2021


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The life cycle of a fire toad is, oddly enough, just like that of a regular toad. They’re born as little tadpoles and eventually they grow up into these hulking, flaming amphibians. With that said, Play’n GO has injected their own video slot science formula into this natural lifecycle to help these toads grow more quickly.

We hope you’re ready for a fiery hot adventure, in order to find these toads we’re going to have to travel deep into a volcanic jungle, a place where intense heat and lush green meet. While that doesn’t sound like an ideal living place for most things around, for the fire toads, it’s perfect.

Join us as we put on our heat proof suits and make our way through this boiling hot jungle so we can find out what treasures are awaiting us and how these fire toads can help us get to them.

Theme & Symbols

The theme of this title is pretty unique, while exploring a jungle or a volcano might not be the most original concepts, adding them together creates a whole new experience.

The background of this title is incredibly fun to look at, the volcano is leaking lava into the surrounding jungle, closer to the foreground you can see some of this lava running into water, creating new land! All of this scenery is animated so it makes the whole game feel more alive.

The grid is fairly basic and that’s okay, we’re only here to look for frogs after all. The border is made from newly made stone and the reels are divided by that very same rock.

The music is wonderful, there is a backtrack that is constantly playing. Every so often you’ll hear the calls of the wildlife, further immersing you into this title. Sound effects are subtle yet effective, they draw in your attention without breaking your immersion.

Animations are superb, between the reels, the background and the symbols that spring to life, everything moves so naturally.

Overall, Play’n GO has created yet another video slot title that is chock full with personality and wonder.


Starting off with the low-paying icons we have Hawaiian themed playing card suits. Expect to see Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades appear quite often as you spin the reels.

Next up are the high-paying icons, these are represented by the various life stages of the toad. You’ll want to keep an eye out for Tadpoles, Grown Tadpoles and Young to Grown Toads.

There is a special Torch Bug symbol that represents the Wild Scatter symbol. This powerful little symbol can substitute for any other common symbol in the game, and if you land enough of them during a single spin you’ll activate special gameplay features.

Online Betting Options & Features

Fire Toad is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot game developed by Play’n GO. There is a ridiculous total of 1024 payways and a RTP of 96.20%.


Landing 2 Wild Scatters will choose a Toad symbol at random and upgrade all symbols that are smaller than the chosen one into the chosen random Toad.

Should you manage to land 3, 4 or 5 Wild Scatters, you’ll be awarded with 9, 12 or 15 bonus spins respectively. When the bonus spins begin, the smallest Toad symbol will be upgraded by one for the rest of the spins.

Bonus spins can be retriggered an unlimited number of times by landing 3 or more Wild Scatters and each time the bonus spins retrigger, the smallest Toad symbol will upgrade.

Come and explore the volcanic jungle island in search of these Fire Toads with Play’n GO.

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