Emerald’s Infinity Reels Online Slot By Relax Gaming

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Mar 13, 2021


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You’ve heard the phrase ‘The luck of the Irish’ at some point, but how true is that statement? Well, Relax Gaming has decided to create a video slot that truly encompasses that saying with Emerald’s Infinity Reels.

Usually you would need to find the end of a rainbow and befriend a mischievous leprechaun in order to get their pot of gold, but in this video slot game title our little bearded friend is ready to give us some of his riches.

Join us as we jump in and find out how we can get the most out of this friendly, green clad fellow.

Theme & Symbols

This title is all about the Irish folk tale of leprechauns and their gold. If you’ve built up a mental image of what that might look like you’re probably close to reality.

The play grid isn’t actually a grid at all, in fact it’s basic structure is a waterfall. There are no dividing lines or anything like that, picture symbols suspended in a flow of water and that’s exactly it. It’s a nice fit for this theme.

The surrounding area is a heavily wooded forest with the only light seemingly only coming from our side of the area. There are boulders in the background that are kept clean thanks to the constant flow of water and roots to nearby plants growing into the stream in order to stay healthy.

The only real animations you’ll be seeing are the spins of the reels and the leprechaun that appears on a winning spin. The animations are smooth, but the lack of them doesn’t go unnoticed. That being said, it isn’t too much of a draw back.

The music fits well, our friend in green plays a lute like instrument on winning spins making it all fit together quite nicely.


There aren’t too many symbols to keep track of in this game. The three low-paying icons are as follows: a green gem, a yellow gem and a red gem all with clovers growing around them. These are the symbols you’ll be seeing most frequently.

Next up are the three high-paying symbols. They are represented by a pipe, a beer mug and a portrait of our bearded friend. These are the ones you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

A x2 symbol appears only during re-spins and can help boost the value of your win.

The golden lute that the leprechaun plays is the Scatter symbol in this title. Landing 3 of these will award you with 12 bonus spins and an addition 2 are added for any other lutes you collect past 3.

A unique x2 symbol is present during bonus spins. This helps you score even bigger wins.

Online Betting Options & Features

Emerald’s Infinity Reels is an ‘infinite’ reel video slot game from Relax Gaming. There are 3-reels and 4-rows with the possibility of infinite paylines. RTP on the title is 96.60%.


Landing a winning spin will push the reels to the left. The symbols in the leftmost reel will disappear, with the winning symbols being added to a collection board, and the rightmost reel will spin again. This will continue indefinitely until the win is broken.


Come and see if the luck of the Irish holds true with Relax Gaming!