Dublin Your Dough Online Slot By Rival

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Mar 13, 2021


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0.01 - 5

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The title of this game is more than just a clever pun, developer Rival fully expects you to be able to score some pretty big wins with this Irish folk inspired video slot!

Whether you make the trip to this wonderful land to spin the reels or to kiss the Blarney Stone, there will certainly be something here for everyone.

Though the number of Celtic themed video slots might be many, the one feature they all share is that they’re all incredibly jolly! If you’re a fan of the theme then this is definitely a slot that you’ll want to try out.

Theme & Symbols

From reading the title alone you probably have a pretty good idea of what this slot is all about. You’re probably already picturing a rainbow, a pot of gold, a four leafed clover and of course a brilliantly bearded leprechaun. If you are picturing those things you’d be right on the money!

After loading up the game you’ll be greeted by a beautiful green pasture in which the play grid sits in the middle. On either side of the grid are various things that a leprechaun might use in their everyday life. Things like toadstool mushrooms and lovely flowers.

The play grid is also transparent meaning that you’ll be able to gaze out into the field of green while you play the game. It also means that the landscape isn’t suddenly broken up, everything flows more naturally.

The music, like many other titles in this genre, is uplifting and joyful. It’ll make you feel relaxed while you spend your time with the little man dressed in green. Sound effects also do a good job informing you of a win or anything else that might need your attention.

While the overall presentation might be standard fare, it is still very pretty to look at while you play.


There is a wide variety of symbols in this title, prepare to see a lot of Clovers, Horseshoes, Pipes, Beer Mugs, Rainbows, Gold Coins, Hats, Pots of Gold and other Irish luck related icons.

There is a Wild symbol in this game that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. The reason for that is because the Wild can substitute for any other common icon in the game, increasing your chances of landing big combos.

In addition to normal Wilds, Sticky Wilds may land on your reels. Should this happen and they form a winning combo, they’ll remain on screen and trigger a re-spin.

Online Betting Options & Features

Dublin Your Dough is a 3×3 video slot game developed by Rival. There are a total of 5 fixed paylines and a RTP of 94.84%.


The Wilds aren’t done enhancing your gameplay experience just yet, should a wild land and become a part of a winning combo, it will reveal a x2, x3 or a x4 multiplier.


Come and experience a jolly tale of spins and wins with Rival and Dublin Your Dough!