Divine Fortune MegaWays Online Slot By NetEnt

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Nov 15, 2020


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The mythos of ancient Greece is a deep and expansive one but also one rich in mystery and intrigue, it’s no wonder that it makes such a fine setting for a video slot game.

Developer NetEnt has taken us back in time once again, to the world of ancient Greece where minotaurs and gorgons run rampant. It’s up to you to use the power of Zeus to clear your path to victory and secure the huge wins that await you at the top!

The game is much like the original except with a MegaWays spin.

Let’s take a look and see just how Net Entertainment has changed up the theme enough to make it stand out and just what functions are in play.

Theme & Symbols

Set in an ancient Greek temple, the play grid is flanked on either side by beautifully detailed statues that watch your every move. The detail in not only the artwork but the graphics as well is phenomenal. NetEnt has once again shown off their art department’s incredible skill.

Animations are nice and smooth. The reels, though they may be ancient, spin like a well oiled machine. When the symbols come to life on a winning spin it can be awe-inspiring and slightly terrifying due to how well they’re done.

The musical score that plays in the background makes you feel like you’re on an epic divine quest and the sounds that play on normal and winning spins just hammers that feeling home.

Everything comes together superbly in this video slot, NetEnt software has proven to us once again that they know how to make a gorgeous looking title.


The low paying symbols in this title are a mixture of English characters and Greek characters which is a nice touch. They’re simple and because of that they add to the immersion this game provides.

High paying symbols are characters and creatures throughout Greek mythology like the gorgon Medusa, the minotaur, the Nemean Lion and Zeus’ personal messenger the Eagle.

The falling Pegasus Wild makes a triumphant return. This time the potential for it to bring big wins is even greater.

Betting Options & Features

As previously mentioned, this slot has a MegaWays feature meaning that there are an incredible 11769 MegaWays present in this title. This video slot is played across 6 reels with varying amounts of rows.

As usual with MegaWays slots, a random reel is modified to alter symbol height.

There is a falling wild respin feature present in this title. That means that whenever a wild lands on a reel if a payout needs to occur it does, the wild is moved down a row and a respin happens.

There is also a wild on wild feature that can happen during the course of gameplay. This happens when a falling wild lands on a position that a wild already occupies. The symbol expands and takes up the entire reel.

Should four or more free game symbols appear during a spin, you’ll be awarded with bonus games.

Enjoy the Divine Fortune game you know and love from NetEnt but this time with a MegaWays twist!