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Nov 20, 2020


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Grab your space suit and brace for zero gravity in this video slot game from Play’n GO!

Set in the swirling vortex of a spiral galaxy, Diamond Vortex promises to bring you intergalactic thrills and explosive excitement. Looking through a telescope might help you to comprehend the potential winnings that this game offers to its players.

As per usual, Play’n GO has taken things a step above and beyond with their background art and animation as well as overall gameplay.

Let’s grab our own telescopes now and have a closer look at what this galactic game has to offer us.

Themes & Symbols

By now you’ve no doubt surmised that this game features heavy space themes and you’d be correct. Taking place in the centre of a spiral, spinning galaxy you get the impression that the play grid is actually quite massive in comparison. Stars twinkle in the background while everything is constantly on the move.

The accompanying soundtrack is quite the epic piece of musical score, though there are loud sweeping tones that play periodically, watch out for those. The sound effects that play on winning spins are quite nice and fill you with accomplishment.

The animations are smooth as always, if you’re not careful you might get mesmerized by the swirling galaxy in the background. Everything animates incredibly well and nothing is jarring.


Most of the common symbols in this title are pieces of crystal, all very pretty to look at while the higher paying symbols are bigger clumps of those same crystals.

The game contains two different types of wild symbol, the Sticky Wild and the Core Wild. Each provides a different function and can help create big wins. The Sticky Wild will always gravitate to the Core Wild on a winning spin and the Core Wild is always present in the centre of the grid. Both wilds substitute for all regular symbols.

Betting Options & Features

This video slot game takes place on a 37 cell honeycomb grid with a RTP of 96.2%. Rather than regular paylines, this title uses cluster wins meaning that symbols need to join together in groups of 6 or more in order to count as a win.

  • Rotate Feature

Within the grid are three separate rings. In each ring is a unique Zone and Spot. Zones remain where they are and trigger bonus features when either a Spot or a bonus icon lands on them.

After every win the rings rotate by one space.

  • Consume Feature

This feature makes use of the two wild icons. Should a Sticky Wild gravitate into the Core Wild, the Core Wild multiplier will increase by 1 up to a maximum of 20.

  • Transform Feature

Should a Spot rotate into a Zone it’ll transform its entire ring into a random symbol. All 3 rings can be activated at the same time.

  • Free Spins Feature

This feature triggers when glowing ‘Bonus’ Symbols land in a Zone. Each time this happens you are awarded with 5 free spins.


Come and explore the galaxy with Play’n GO and let the galaxy reward you with big wins!

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