Daikoku Blessings Online Slot by Rival Gaming

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Oct 07, 2020


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Let’s take a step into the past, when the land of the rising sun was still developing. In Japan, Daikoku is associated with luck and fortune so it makes sense that you’d want blessings of luck and fortune and that’s exactly what this video slot from Rival Gaming aims to bring.

Theme and Symbols

The aesthetic of this game radiates warmth while the colours and style really drive the ancient Japanese theme.

The musical score is both calming and relaxing as you’d expect from a game with a theme such as this one. But it also picks up the pace when bonus spins are applied making the game feel more intense. There’s even a detailed sound effect of bubbling water with koi fish that plays when a certain event is triggered.

The graphics are, as you’d come to expect from Rival Gaming, crisp and superb. The artwork of the individual icons are fantastic and the quality of the animations are smooth and flow nicely.

Rival really took their time researching and crafting the visuals and the audio of this game and nowhere is it more apparent than on winning spins.

Betting Options and Features

In an attempt to bless the player with more luck, rather than a 5 reel, 3 row set up Daikoku Blessings is a 6 reel, 4 row video slot with a ridiculous 4, 096 win lines. Volatility is low with an RTP of 93.59%.

Feudal Japan is host to many wonderful and spectacular features, let’s have a look at a few of them now:


The wild symbol is represented by the elegant koi fish. Should this icon appear, the entire reel will fill with water, expanding the wilds and netting you some extra paylines.

Should the Daikoku himself make an appearance he will bring with him some bonus spins and divine multipliers.

There is also an elusive cat that wanders around the grid, The Maneki neko or the beckoning cat. Should this cat decide to bless your game you will be awarded with Holy Hammer Jackpots.

All this iconography of luck and fortune really makes you feel like a big win is around the corner.

In Closing

Feudal Japan is always a nice setting for video slots and Rival Gaming has made an incredibly solid entry into the vast list. But unfortunately it doesn’t do enough to make itself stand out above the rest.

That is in no way a bad thing however. The game is still very fun and relaxing to play. The animation of the koi fish is particularly relaxing while feeling rewarding at the same time.

The heavy theme around luck and fortune is very fitting for this style of game and the crazy amount of win lines also lends itself to the theme.

While it may not innovate on much, it is an incredibly well put together game and may be well worth playing.