Cubee is a Time Traveling Disappointment of a Slot Game

Slots Nutter

Mar 08, 2019


Real Time Gaming (RTG) introduces the time travel adventure that they’ve amusingly called Cubee. If you’ve followed the news at all lately then you may have heard stories concerning the Flat Earth Society. While we may not be convinced that the earth is flat, a case might be made that the planet is a cube if we go by this next game where you can collect up to x50,000 bet!

It’s a Cubic World After All

This dismal slot game revolves around the SpongeBob-like character of Cubee who time travels from the Stone Age to the Era of Piracy, to the Viking Age and finally to CubeeLand. The paytable consists of four equally wacky yellow, blue, green and red cubic-shaped characters named Spike, Lucifer, Casper and Bones respectively. They are enemies that must be defeated by Cubee. The cartoon-style graphics are childlike and extremely irritating. Did Realtime Gaming design this game with adults in mind?

Enemies, Energy Balls & Weapons

The objective of the game is to defeat Cubee’s enemies who, along with the energy ball, may appear on every spin along with weapons. The total combination of enemies, weapons and energy balls for a given spin are equal to eight. A win is created with three or more identical symbols provided that Cubee’s power level is equal to or higher than the power level of a particular enemy. While by default, Cubee can defeat green Casper each time, he must collect an orb also to defeat yellow Spike, two orbs to defeat both yellow Spike and blue Lucifer and three orbs to collect all enemies including red Bones. The arch-enemy Rock, standing to the right of the time portal must be defeated with weapons that can appear through the portal and drain his health meter before he can move to the next era.

Free Games

A cannon symbol in the Era of Piracy will be collected, when it appears on any spin and counts towards a free game. Likewise, in the Viking Age, a bow & arrow symbol will be collected and count towards a free game. The free games are awarded only once Cubee reaches Cubeeland. Since Rocco cannot appear in Cubeeland, there is no need for weapons to appear from the time portal and hence there is more of an opportunity to collect higher value combinations. At the end of the feature, you are returned to the Stone Age.

Unconventional Slot

Cubee is the most boring slot game I’ve come across in a long time. We found that collecting more than one orb on any spin is quite a daunting task requiring a fair bit of patience. South African players can vary their wagers from R0.10 to R20. If you’re ready to be extremely dissapointed  by a pointless, poorly conceived and executed slot game then visit one of our recommended casinos today. Scratch that, really, don’t bother wasting your time.