Clash of the Beasts Online Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

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Oct 09, 2020


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A great white tiger versus a formidable green dragon. A showdown that would normally take place in legend but thanks to Red Tiger Gaming it is now a reality for all to behold! 

Set in the ancient Chinese mythos, Clash of the Beasts does its best to portray what a feud between these two magnificently powerful and potentially terrifying creatures would be like. 

The way this game is set up, however, means that should these two come to blows you’ll be the biggest winner. 

There is a sense of yin and yang with these two beasts, one can’t exist without the other and it’s because of that which makes this theme a fairly unique one. The rivalry is what drives this title forward, it’s evident in the style and iconography used. 

The tiger and the dragon are always present on your screen, meaning they’re never out of mind. 

Theme and Symbols 

As mentioned above, the theme of this title is feuding and rivalry between these two beasts and it’s made even more apparent in its art direction and symbols. 


There’s a tiger symbol that can appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. The more of these symbols that appear the more bonus tiger spins you’ll receive. During tiger spins the tiger may swap symbols around for a guaranteed win. 

In opposition to the tiger is the dragon symbol. These appear on reels 4, 5 and 6. Just as the tiger symbols, the more dragon symbols that appear the more bonus dragon spins you’ll receive. During dragon spins the dragon may nudge the reels in a certain row for a bigger win. 

There is also a wild icon represented by a yin yang. 

Betting Options and Features

The game is a 6 reel, 5 row video slot with a RTP of 96% with a possible 40 pay lines. 

So now that you know about the tiger and the dragon, what happens when they appear on the same spin? That’s when a clash spin is triggered. It only takes two symbols to start a clash and a clash starts with 10 bonus clash spins. Any symbol that appears after that adds 5 additions spins up to a maximum of 30. 

During a clash spin, all features may be triggered. 

In Closing

While the theme of this title is very interesting, there isn’t too much substance to keep it entertaining for too long. The artwork is beautiful and the possibility of being awarded with multiple bonus spins is nice, unfortunately that’s it. 

If you’re okay with that however, then the draw of those 40 pay lines and multiple bonus spins might be a big win for you. 

The iconography is tantalising and the mini-game is pretty unique, overall it isn’t a bad online slot experience. It’s just a little disappointing that they didn’t take this theme and run a little bit further with it.  

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