Bonus Keno Slot Review

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Jun 28, 2016

Bonus Keno by NetEnt is a numbers game featuring Bonus Rounds and a Progressive Jackpot.

How to Play Bonus Keno

To play Bonus Keno, pick 2 to 10 numbers on the board; you can choose any numbers you want like lucky numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, whatever numbers you feel will win. If you want to change the numbers you select, simply click the ‘Clear’ button. If you just want to change one number, simply click on that number to clear it and select another number to replace it. There is also an option to have your numbers picked by the system; simply click the ‘Auto Pick’ button.

When you click the ‘Go’ button, the game will play. If you want to play 5 successive games, click on the ‘Play 5’ button. You also have the option to play 10 successive games by clicking on the ‘Play 10’ button. It is important to note that once you click on either one of those buttons, there is no way to stop the game until the number of games you selected play out.

20 numbers are randomly selected from the available 80 (numbers 1 through 80) for each round played, and the amount you are awarded is determined by how many numbers you pick, the amount of Hits on your numbers, and the amount of your bet.

The minimum number of hits required to win varies depending on the numbers you pick.

Betting Range & Progressive Jackpot

The total bet per round ranges from 1.0 to 5.0.

The minimum number of Hits required to win any prize varies, based on the amount of numbers you selected. If the numbers randomly drawn reveal 10 tiles shaped in the letter J, then you win all or part of the Progressive Jackpot. The amount of the Progressive Jackpot you are awarded is determined by your bet level, which ranges from 1 to 5.

  • Bet Level 5 Wins 100% of Progressive Jackpot.
  • Bet Level 4 Wins 80% of Progressive Jackpot.
  • Bet Level 3 Wins 60% of Progressive Jackpot.
  • Bet Level 2 Wins 40% of Progressive Jackpot.
  • Bet Level 1 Wins 20% of Progressive Jackpot.

3% of each bet is contributed to the Progressive Jackpot’s amount.

Joker Symbols & Bonus Round

Once you collect 5 Joker Symbols, you are awarded the Bonus Round. You collect Joker Symbols as you play, and during the numbers selection, a Joker Symbol will appear randomly, which is then collected automatically. The top left of the game interface shows the number of Joker Symbols accumulated. The maximum number of Joker Symbols to randomly appear in a single round is always 1.

It is worth mentioning that your Joker Collection is saved automatically, so if you want to play another game for a little while, or if you completely log out, when you return to the Bonus Keno game, your Joker Collection will be there waiting for you.

During the Bonus Round, all wins are doubled, with the exception of the Progressive Jackpot Win. The bet for the Bonus Round is not deducted from your balance, or bankroll.

The value of the bet during the Bonus Round equals the minimum bet you played between the rounds from the appearance of the first Joker Symbol collected, to the appearance of the fifth Joker Symbol collected.

The free Bonus Round bet amount is equal to the minimum bet during all the rounds in which your Joker Collection started to the time the Bonus Round begins.

Bonus Keno Return to Player (RTP)

The theoretical RTP is 84.0%-88.5%. The more numbers you pick, the higher the RTP.

Mobile Play

Bonus Keno is also available on mobile, and is compatible with most popular devices and tablets, including Apple iOS and Android devices, Blackberry devices, and Windows smartphones and tablets.