Banana Jones is a New Slot Game From Realtime Gaming

Slots Nutter

Aug 22, 2018

Banana Jones from RTG tries very poorly to foreshadow the adventure to come in the opening sequence of this Snakes and Ladders game with a child-like cartoon aeroplane-flying monkey crashing down into a thick jungle. It is here that he first sets eyes upon a magnificent lost temple which is guarded by vicious snakes that are commanded by a vicious tiger. The game allows those brave enough to win up to x2,565 their bet!

Cartoon-like Charm?

The game has a cartoon-like design that is more suited for a children’s TV channel, and here is where you as banana Jones find yourself separated from a temple by a beautiful green pond. You must get across the water by leaping over lily pads that form your path.

Snakes and Ladders

The slot is very much a game of Snakes and Ladders with ladders represented by vines which can help advance you towards the temple and snakes out to hinder your progress by pushing your objective further away. Your job is to roll the dice a total of five times as you attempt to make it to the temple at the end of your path.

Extra Roles

Along the way, you can land on a stone shaped in the form of a dice that will award you with another throw of the dice.

The Treasure Wheel

A stone in the shape of the treasure wheel head transports you to the Treasure Wheel where you spin to reveal your cash prize which can range from x0.01 to x20 your wager. When we played, we found that we frequently managed to trigger this feature.

Purple Diamonds, Snakes and Vines

In random positions on the spaces, you will find purple diamonds which are worth coins that you can collect. You can collect x1, x4 or x40 your wager by increasing your counter with 3, 4 or 5 diamonds respectively. Climbing a vine 2 or 3 times will apply coins of x1 or x25 your wager respectively while landing on the snakes head 2, 3 or 4 times will apply coins of x0.5, x5 or x5 your wager.

Crystal Banana Quest

The Crystal Banana Quest feature is unlocked when Banana Jones reaches the large temple at the end of the pond. You are invited to try to collect three identical fruits from amongst several: plums, bananas, apples, pears and grapes. You collect the prize corresponding to the fruit symbol that you first collect three of.

Going Bananas

Banana Jones lets you adjust your wager from as little as R1 up to R2, R5, R10 and finally R25. The game is optimised for pc, tablet and mobile so South African players can take the game with them using an Android or iOS device. The game is a cartoon-like iteration of an old classic Snakes and Ladders adventure, so if you want to try something different than the conventional slot, then we think you should give this one a look.