18 Year-Old Becomes Millionaire after playing around on his iPhone!

Slots Nutter

Jan 24, 2019

Thomas Wilson is now officially one of the wealthiest 18-year olds in Columbus, and maybe the entire USA for that matter. The Columbus native was playing on his iPhone last week when he discovered a favourite new game at an online casino. ‘’I was messing around on my phone when I came across this game at an online casino. It looked awesome, and there was this sign-up bonus that gave me 100 free spins after I made a $5 deposit. I honestly didn’t think I was going to win anything. It was more about the epic graphics than anything else.’’ On his 14th spin, he hit the progressive jackpot of $1.4 million, winning more money in 15 minutes than his parents earned in their entire lifetime. One week later, the online casino holding company deposited the winnings straight into his bank account. Thomas is the only son of Nico and Mary Wilson, a typical middle-class couple, both of whom are initially from Cleveland. Thomas ‘s mom taught him how to use a computer at the young age of 6, so like any typical teenager, you’ll find him playing games online or messing around on Youtube when he is home. His father was shocked when Thomas showed him the “Winner” screen on his phone! Mr Wilson tells us, “I was watching the game with my wife when all the sudden, I heard Thomas yell out, ‘Dad, Mom, I won! I won!’ I thought he was talking about some game on his computer again. I went into the bedroom to see what the fuss was all about and it said, ‘Congratulations on winning $ 1.4 million’ in big bold letters on his phone.” “I couldn’t believe it at first; I thought it was some joke. But then Thomas told me he was playing a popular new game at an online casino.’’ And the rest is history!