Mystery Bells Online Slot By Skywind Group

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Jan 13, 2021


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Mystery Bells is a video slot game from Skywind Group that takes a lot of inspiration from the fruit spinning slot machines of old. There are a lot of bright colours and great sound effects and not to mention the fruit.

Even if you’ve never played an old fruit video slot before, the setting still manages to feel nostalgic. You know which are the symbols to look out for and when to get excited for the bonus rounds.

While this type of video slot has been done before, does it do enough to make itself stand out and above the rest in it’s genre? Let’s take a look.

Theme & Symbols

There isn’t too much to be said about the theme of this game. It is purely a fruit spinner, there is no deeper story to be found in the background because there is no background. There is only the play grid and the Lucky Wheel that sits above the grid.

While there is no background that doesn’t mean the game is boring to look at, quite the opposite in fact. When you land a winning combo the payline lights up with multiple different neon lights, there are flashing colours and an awesome soundtrack to boot.

The music in this game only plays when you click the spin button which is a bit of a shame considering how good the music actually is. An argument could be made that if it was constantly playing it might get a bit too much. Sound effects are also done incredibly well, they draw your attention to where it needs to be.

Animations are crisp and smooth, the reels spin effortlessly when you click the button and a streak of changing colours races around the border of the grid. Icons animate brilliantly on winning spins bringing the game to life.


Like most classic fruit spinners, there are only one group of common symbols. They consist of Cherries, Lemons, Oranges, Apples, Plums, Grapes, Watermelons and Diamonds. These are the icons you’ll see the most during your time with the game.

Next up is the bonus symbol represented by the Lucky Wheel. Landing even one of these will trigger the Lucky Wheel.

Finally we come to the Mystery Symbol which is represented by a Bell. These icons have a unique property, when they land on the grid they trigger a mystery switch. Once it lands it copies itself to a random number of consecutive positions in any direction and then, once that is done, they all turn into the same kind of symbol.

Betting Options & Features

Mystery Bells is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game developed by Skywind that has a total of 20 fixed paylines and a RTP of 96.03%.


The Lucky Wheel is the bonus feature in this title. Should you manage to land one or more Bonus Symbols during a spin you’ll be given a chance to spin the Lucky Wheel. The more symbols you land, the more spins on the wheel you’ll be given. Spinning the wheel will award you with one of the following bonuses: A x2, x3, x4, x6, x8 or x10 multiplier, a Double All which doubles all the multipliers on the wheel, +3 Spins which awards you 3 extra spins on the wheel, +5 to All which adds 5x to all multipliers on the wheel and a ? which will grant you one random award on the wheel.


Mystery Bells is a fun and funky nostalgia trip that anyone can enjoy!