Loyalty Programs At Online Casinos

Due to the rapid expansion in the iGaming industry, almost every South African online casino is using one or another type of loyalty program to attract new and retain existing customers. Indeed, there is nothing better than being rewarded just for doing what you enjoy most – spinning the reels of feature-packed slots or playing roulette and popular card games.

Meant to bring more value to players and thus encourage repeat business for gambling websites, loyalty schemes seem beneficial for both sides. And, no doubt, they really are. However, although guided by the same idea, programs that reward loyalty can differ greatly from one another not only in the way they work but also in terms of incentives and privileges they offer.

Luckily for all punters who want to be well-versed in the art of making the most of online casino play, SlotsZar is the right place to learn all the ins and outs of the concept. Read on for a detailed snapshot of the loyalty programs available in the market and the advantages they offer to South Africans.

Types of Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Basically, all loyalty schemes can be roughly divided into three types depending on how the casino has set the rules for receiving perks. While some websites let patrons earn comp points for real-money play and later exchange them for free spins or bonus cash, others go much further, offering truly exclusive experiences spiced up by the thrills of a gamified environment.

Points-Based Programs

Considered a basic type of loyalty program, the points-based concept is pretty straightforward. Players earn points every time they make a bet to convert them later into bonus money or redeem for different rewards. As a rule, online slots have the best rate when it comes to earning points while table and live dealer games have less advantageous rates or do not bring comps at all.

Some websites go the extra mile to help customers get the reward they really want, featuring dedicated Shops with a wide variety of items to suit all tastes and comps bankrolls. The reward can be anything from a small bunch of free spins to the latest gadget, making it very easy to determine your perfect fit. In fact, the list of possible incentives is limited only by the creativity of the people who run the casino.

Multi-Tier Programs

Although based on the same concept of being rewarded for wagering, multi-tier programs take the concept to the next level by offering benefits and privileges in accordance with the player status. To climb up the ladder towards better bonuses and exquisite privileges, punters have to either reach a certain threshold in real-money stakes or deposits.

The higher the tier, the more spectacular the bonus for leveling up (can be anything from a standard package with a match bonus and free spins to wager-free cash), and the longer the roster of incentives that can include higher withdrawal limits, a greater number of fee-free cashouts, more impressive cashback, personal casino manager, and access to freerolls, lotteries, and prize draws, to cite just a few.

The majority of multi-tier schemes have one or two highest levels that are by invite only and cannot be reached simply by placing bets. Designed to cater to the needs and whims of high-rollers, they do provide perks that fit the high-off-the-hog lifestyle of whales. Tailor-made bonuses, access to high-limit tables, and even trips to fabulous Vegas or luxurious cruises – by the way, if you are already a VIP at some online casino, the new one will likely let you use its fast track.

Gamified Programs

The latest word in the world of casino entertainment, gamification is what makes playing online slots so much more fun. Again, the details can vary from one website to another but at the core, this type of loyalty program is unrivaled when it comes to creating the most engaging way to rewardpatrons.

The real adventure starts right from the get-go when players choose their avatars, which often have specific “traits” or are associated with certain types of bonuses. Anyway, a gamified environment delivers plenty of opportunities to compete against other punters in various leaderboard challenges and races, as well as earn points and rewards for completing exciting missions and quests.

Most Common Loyalty Benefits

Even though perks for loyal customers vary from one ZAR online casino to another, generally, players can count on the following treats:

  • Cashback

Arguably one of the most widespread loyalty rewards, it can be offered on a daily, weekly, or/and monthly basis. Usually, it is a refund on losses but you will also come across websites that provide a return on all successful deposits. Just like regular cashback bonuses, their loyalty counterparts are subject to specific terms and conditions, hence make time to read the rules.

  • Free Spins

Slot buffs love free spins and the great news is that loyal players are treated to bigger bunches of rounds on the house and more frequently. Plus, such spins often have greater value and more favorable wagering requirements or no WR at all.

  • Exclusive slot tournaments and freerolls

No buy-ins and prize pools worth spinning – who wouldn’t want to grab the opportunity offered only to a selected few? Depending on the casino’s policy, winnings from such tournaments can be real cash or bonus money that should be wagered before withdrawal.

  • Prize Draws

Players either get free tickets or earn them by depositing/wagering a certain amount of money to participate in random Prize Draws and with a little help of lady luck win a nice award. Such raffles can be run on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis or timed to a popular holiday – in any case, they add an extra layer of excitement.

  • Birthday Gifts

Every birthday is special and should be celebrated accordingly, which is much easier if you have membership in the VIP Club. Depending on your status, the present may take the form of a lucrative match bonus, free spins, an invitation to a special event, or even a weekend at a swanky land-based resort.

For the majority of slot players, loyalty programs are a great way to get more bang for their bucks. All you have to do to enjoy the full benefits of rewards schemes is to choose an online casino with games you like and a loyalty program that can work for you.