ecoPayz Rebrands To Payz

Slots Nutter

Apr 16, 2023

The ecoPayz that you know and love is getting a little cosmetic work done. Not to worry though as all of your information, account settings, and, most importantly, funds aren’t going anywhere. They’re all going to be exactly where you left them except now they’re going to be in a slightly different package.

Why The Rebrand?

That’s a fair enough question. Since 2013 the company has been operating as ecoPayz so why change things up 10 years later? Well, ecoPayz used to be EcoCard back in 2000, so rebranding isn’t something that’s new to the company.

They’re looking to future-proof the brand as well as create space and room for new features and products to enter their market. You can expect the same level of service and functionality that you received while using ecoPayz but now it’s just going to be called Payz.

What Will Remain The Same?

Everything, it’s business as usual. You’ll still be able to transfer funds to and from accounts, use the ewallet to make purchases online and through your favourite online casino, and most importantly, you’ll still be able to do it all using ZAR.

You’ll be able to log into your account using the same credentials that you have been although this time it’ll be through a new web address.

Looking Ahead

While the Payz team has announced that they’ll be working on new features and products that their customers can use to improve their online transacting experience, they haven’t stated exactly what those new features are just yet.

As soon as they announce what it is that they’re working on, you’ll be able to find our coverage of it on our website.

In Conclusion

You’ll be able to go about your business as you normally would when Payz was still ecoPayz. All of the original functionality is still there at your fingertips just with an updated appearance. You can look forward to some exciting new features in the future, which was the whole reason behind the rebrand in the first place.

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