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Aug 04, 2021


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Life in the kingdom couldn’t be easier for King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere. That is until one day while they were out galavanting with sword and grail in hand that Arthers enemies, Morgan and Mordred attacked Arthurs keep and made off with the queen’s diamonds!

You have been enlisted by the king himself to track down and retrieve the Diamonds Of The Realm! You’ll be able to enlist the aid of Arthur and Guinevere, after all it’s become quite personal. If you manage to retrieve some of the stolen diamonds you will be rewarded handsomely. Return all of them and you’ll be made rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Join us as we embark on this spectacular journey created by developer Play’n GO. Along the way we’ll document everything that you’ll need to know should you decide to join this king’s quest and look for the diamonds yourself.

Theme & Symbols

This title is based entirely in Arthurian lore and storytelling. The wizard Merlin has helped Arthur reach the title of King and he has made Guinevere his queen. Together they have been ruling the kingdom fairly and justly, but that isn’t to say that they don’t still have enemies.

This title opens up with the backstory that we covered in the beginning, as the story progresses the castle in the background goes up in flames, letting you know that the ne’er-do-wells did far more than just steal the diamonds. The font, the framing of the background and the music all come together to create a rather gripping tale told in this video slot game.

The music is the next thing you’ll notice after the intro scroll. It’s timely and fits the theme perfectly, it does what it does well and what it does is immerse you in the setting. There is a sound effect that plays every single time a diamond symbol lands, in doing that it reinforces the fact that these diamonds are valuable.

The background of the title is the burning castle, reminding you why you’re out there in the first place. During bonus spins you’re taken far away from the castle and most likely close to the villains hideout as it is during these spins that you have a higher chance of retrieving some of the stolen diamonds.

Overall, Play’n GO has done yet another fantastic job of creating an in depth story and bringing it to life by using video slots as the medium. This is definitely a must check out title just so you can see what can be done with video slot games and how they can tell a story.


We’ll start with the low-paying icons first. These are all represented by coins, each with the initial of a playing card value on them and in a different colour. You’ll be seeing T, J, Q, K and A minted coins appear quite often on the reels as you hunt for the diamonds.

Next up are the high-paying symbols. These are all represented by the characters of our story; Mordred in Green, Morgan in Purple, Guinevere in Red and Arthur in Blue. All of these symbols animate beautifully on winning combos.

Speaking of winning combos, there is a Wild symbol present in the game which can help you build them by substituting for any common icon in the game.

The Diamonds of the Realm are this game’s Scatter icon. Land enough of them and you’ll trigger a special gameplay feature.

Online Betting Options & Features

Diamonds Of The Realm is a 5 – reel, 3 – row video slot game developed by Play’n GO. There are a total of 20 fixed paylines which you can land wins on and a RTP of roughly 96.23%.


During any spin there is a chance that the win multiplier can spin and land on a value. You can receive between a x2 and a x100 multiplier on the win that might occur during that spin.

By landing 3 or more diamonds, you’ll trigger bonus spins. During these spins, the more diamonds you collect the further the meter will fill up and you will eventually be rewarded with even more bonus spins. Collecting more diamonds will also increase your win multiplier during the bonus spins.

Help Arther and Guinevere retrieve their diamonds along with Play’n GO!

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