Bright Star Online Slot By Saucify

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Jan 13, 2021


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0.01 - 20

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Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what it must be like to be among the stars? Well developer Saucify has thought that exact same thing, they have created a delightful star inspired video slot game that is relaxing to play.

They say that you should wish upon a shooting star, perhaps these are the stars you should be wishing on because, with enough luck, they can bring you some great wins. 

Let’s have a look and see what exactly this developer has done to make their title as laid back and relaxing as it is.

Theme & Symbols

There is no real theme behind this title other than, as the name implies, bright stars. They sparkle in the night sky and hopefully bring some luck.

There is no defined play grid, the symbols are floating out in the void of space, it’s a nice change of pace.

The background is pitch black with a few small orbs of light that float around, bouncing off of the walls of the game. It’s a very low-key and subtle backdrop that manages to work quite well especially for a game such as this one.

The music is also calming and relaxing. It fits the theme that this title is going for very well, it manages to fill the emptiness that is the background without being overpowering at all. Sound effects also play a big role in this game. If the sound wasn’t as it is the whole backdrop wouldn’t work nearly as well.

Animations are fun and interesting, the background is animated and symbols move on winning spins, all of this together makes for a great experience. The reels don’t spin in this title, instead the stars fly out and new ones come in giving the sense of space travel.


There are no different tiers of symbols in this game, there are only stars. You’ll be seeing Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Bronze, Silver and Gold stars during your time with the game.

There is also a multicoloured Wild star that can appear and substitute for any other star in the game. Should three of these symbols be on the middle column, a Bright Star Bonus is awarded.

Betting Options & Features

Bright Star is a 3×3 video slot game from Saucify that has a total of 5 fixed paylines and a RTP of 95.21%.


The Bright Star Bonus is triggered by landing three Wild stars on the middle column. The three Wilds remain on the grid and new symbols come in, every time the bonus is triggered, three new combinations are displayed.

The game also possesses a Fire Games option for you to take advantage of. Choose how many games you wish to play and at what bet value and let the game rapidly play through those games as quickly as possible.


Bright Star is a basic yet relaxing game that newcomers and veterans can both enjoy.